10 Tips to Pick a Perfect Domain Name for Your Business


Starting a new website for your business, one of the most important steps is choosing a domain name. Choosing a great brand able domain name for business is similar to choosing a company name or business name itself. It requires a lot of thought and consideration.Your domain name is your identity on the web should be always perfect. However, picking domain names is a relatively tricky endeavor. Domain names have a massive impact all over the web in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, to referring links, to type-in traffic, brand ability and offline advertising. There is a huge wealth of places that your domain name impacts your brand and your online marketing and we can’t ignore this.
Follow the steps below to help you pick the perfect domain name.
1. Choose a Simple, Short and Memorable Name:
A Good domain names used for business tend to be short.The shorter your domain name, the easier it will be for people remember. Remembering a domain name is very important from a marketability perspective. The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier to type, to pronunciation, to share, the less it gets shortened on social media sharing platforms and in search results. Just remember that the shorter the domain name, the better.
Internet experts suggest using one or two words to decide a domain name Like Blogger+Fact = Bloggerfact.com if possible.The average number of characters in the names of the top 100,000 websites is 9. As a guideline, never exceed twenty characters when selecting a business domain name and try to stay within ten letters. In other words, choose a name that is easy to type and say. This will help visitors remember your website’s name.
Here are a few to consider:

2. Should be easy to type and pronounceable:
If you have to spell out your domain name more than once for it to be understood, then it won’t work. Keep the name simple to remember and easy to enter in an address bar or search field.
Why is simplicity important? Because you don’t want your future visitors to incorrectly type in your name and be directed to a different site. Choose a name that is easy to type and say. This will help visitors remember your website’s name. If you don’t have a simple name, people will forget it, might not be able to spell & remember it properly, and may get it confused with other websites.

3. Avoid numbers and hyphens: 
If possible, avoid using numbers and dashes in the domain name. Numbers and hyphens (especially hyphens) cause confusion. Stay away from them at all costs. It’s easy to forget the numbers or hyphens when typing a name.When people recommend your site to their friends verbally, having hyphens in your domain name leads to more potential errors than when the name does not contain hyphens.
Many users are used to typing things like Bloggerfact.com but not Blogger-Fact.com. They’ll probably leave out the hyphens and Website Blogger-Fact.com may lose a lot of visitors & end up at your competitor’s site, BloggerFact.com.

4. Pick a creative and unique name:
Uniqueness is something to always strive for. Google loves content that is unique, so why wouldn’t she love a unique URL that is linked to a brand, blog or product? Heck, even your name as a domain name can be a good thing when you look at it from a uniqueness angle.
A unique domain name will help your clients remember you. Stay away from names that play on the reputation of an existing business.Unique names are names that you can build a brand around. Thus, try to find a domain name that your customers or visitors will be able to identify.

5. Target your geographical area in your domain name:
If you business is a local business, try adding your location consider including your city, state or country in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example: Techworld.in for INDIA and Techworld.co.uk for United Kingdom.

6. Get a .com :
Every web address ends with a period followed by a domain extension (.com, .org, .net ). Those 3 to 4 letters are known as “top-level domains” (TLDs). Each TLD has its own benefits, so find the one that best suits your business and website.
The .com domain is the best choice for a domain name because it is the most common. People and search engines alike seem to trust sites with domains that end with this extension when compared to others. As that is the case, it is almost always best to pick a domain that ends .
If you’re building a blog, business website, or e-commerce site, then be sure to opt for the .com extension. If you can’t find an available .com, .net and .org are runners-up. They’re also acceptable.

7. Avoid Mis-spellings :
The last thing you want to do is for your prospective clients to spell your domain name properly to visit your website otherwise they will be get confused and spell wrongly and end up in another, possibly similar webpage.The best principle here is to choose domains that have the most common spelling people would expect to use, again and again.

8. Use your targeted keyword in your domain name :
The best rule of thumb is to buy a domain that closely matches your business name.Ideally, your domain is identical to your company name.
Using keywords with your products and services in your domain name helps target your traffic. Businesses with keywords in their domain can have an easier time being ranked in search engines. For Internet-based businesses this will establish your brand and ease the user’s task of having to locate you online.(For example, if you are a real estate business, things like “real estate” or “homes for sale” may show up in your domain Ex: indiaproperty.com).

9. Avoid branded or trademarked names in your domain name :
Once you’ve decided on your top choices for your site name, make sure you are not violating anyone’s trademarks. When selecting a domain name, first and foremost, never include a trademarked name, such as CocaCola. If you buy a trademarked name, the owner of the trademark has the right to take the domain name from you. To be sure you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright with your domain, visit http://tmsearch.uspto.gov and search before you buy.

10. Use Domain Generators to Find Available Domains
Choosing a domain name isn’t easy. You want a website address that will be both memorable and meaningful. Domain generators, and online domain search tools are one of the best known tricks for finding relevant, valuable, and most importantly, available domains. Domain name generators will ask you to input a keyword and then will generate available names.

Here are a few domain name generators to consider:
Lean Domain Search
Bust A Name