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Marketing of any product or branding is a step of Brand establishment in the present market. It’s a long term and continuous process. Some products established quickly whereas some products take time to establish. Digital marketing or online marketing is little bit different than other marketing tools like TV ads, Outdoor advertisements, Print Media etc. And more important things this is more economical as compared to other marketing.
There is no short for success in online branding or marketing. Like a body builder you have to invest your time just 30 minute every day. Investing 3 hrs. /week or 30 minute/day is same in calculation but result is different in both cases. Per day workout is much better than once a week. Success of any brand is much more depending on promotion and marketing and success of any marketing is depending on its strategy of promotion and its implementation on ground Level.
Social media management is often a full-time job, but what about those of us working for number of Projects simultaneously? With a proper consistence routine dedicated work, a few tools and 30 minutes a day is also sufficient. If you want to make your online presence, investment of 30 minute/day is enough. 30 minute social media marketing strategy is very clear and experienced by number of online marketer.
Let’s learn step by Step online marketing practical concepts:

Like any good workout, your social media marketing strategy will be even more effective with a proper “warm up”.  Start your social media campaign, by keeping in mind main objectives of campaign.
Here are some tips that might help you to reach your campaign Aim.

Know about your audience:

Every product is not useful for every audience. So we should know our audience habits geographically, Age Wise, Sex wise.  Right product promotional marketing to right person at right time is key of success of online marketing. Before start marketing, you should find our right audience segment. Then you can promote your product.

Find Out best social media platforms for the promotion of your brand:

No doubt top five social networking sites are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. The have good user base around the globe. By using this networking site use can do marketing in almost all countries. You should create your brand page here and promote here free or paid for great responses.


  1. Research:

BuzzSumo is another popular tool for online marketer to get a list of the most popular articles and social signals from these top five social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Buzzsumo help you to know popular market trend on the basic of topics with share and popularity of article from these top social media site. For research about latest updated trend, share trend online marketer should use it. Starts your daily social media workout by finding updated trend in your industry.

Follow industry Trend:
Social media is a very dynamic industry. Due to global exposer this changes every second so keep an eye on every activity which happens in your industry. Industry trend will help you know mood of audience in current scenario.By subscribing updated from other sites, Blogger sites, News Site you can get latest running trend geographically directly in to your mail box. Means no need to do search each and every moment.
Keep an eye on the competitive market:
Studies of competitive market help you to know what other competitor is doing to perform in better ways in same industry. This preparation will make a soft route for your success as online marketer.

2. Publish:
After knowing latest topics, latest market trend, audience segments, you should publish an informational and audience beneficial article in your Brand Page of Social Networking Site. Give some time to write a good and catchy article which should be short and sweet and full with information about your brand, News, Awareness. On Facebook 40 to 80 word informative article is good for audience engagement. Too short and too lengthy post is wastage of time. So this type of practice should be avoided by online Marketer. On Twitter up to 140 words information you can share with an external link of your Publish Post. So best way to publish 100 % informative post on any Free Blog site or in your personal / company website and share on social media by creating a brand page. If someone want to read short or long description can use as per their choice. Also audience your information can spread by sharing.

Schedule your posts in advance:

Buffer or Hootsuite
are one of the most popular tools to publish your post as per requirement of time in advance. No needs to sit in front of computer every time just set schedule for post rest of thing will be done by this software. Some people use Social networking Site all time but maximum people use time to time. Each Age group and geographical location behaves in different manner. As per our product range we can schedule Posting.If you are posting On Facebook , you have to post  after each 3-4 hrs. Because posting flow is too much on Facebook in 3-4 hrs. your post will be to below so you have to post regularly. On Twitter you have post hourly for better response.

Use Simple catchy Headlines & IMAGES:

Preferable length of posting “HEADLINE” is 60-70 words. Headline should be catchy and easy to remember. Major Search engines prefer 60-70 words long Headline .so you should use this word limit to get more tariff. Images makes more catchy and interesting your post with text.  Use of Images will get more attention in Audience. Add matching images, in your Post article for more engagement of audience.

Communicate   With Your Audience:

    Communicate – 10 min

After publishing your Post Interact with your audience. This will help you to know improvement point in post or service. Each and every Audience read same article with different view. Interaction will make mare closer to audience.

Grow your audience daily:
If you have more audience then there is more possibility of the success of any marketing campaign.  So try to communicate more and more new audience every day consistently. And add 50-100 audience every day. Audience makes Brand from a Common Product Name.

Communicate directly with your audience. This will be a good strategy to create goodwill of your brand. This will Show genuinely about your organization and Brand. You will be able to find valuable suggestion for your brand growth.


Analysis is a last part to know about your brand establishment & knowing the success of marketing campaign. To check each and every thing
about your brand use free and popular Tool Google analytics. Here you can get audience data Countries wise, browser wise, devise wise etc.