In the last decade, blogging has become one of the most influential professions, Writers from all over the world contributing millions of articles every day. The explanation is pretty easy – it doesn’t take a huge investment and you can do it from anywhere as you like.
Blogging is one of the most important things to do online! Sharing your expertise and experience with others, and developing and interacting with the communities, gives you the power to rule the internet world.

You’re seeing a lot of famous blogs out there, right? but you’re not sure what topics or niche to pick that’s going to work fairly?
Finding the right niche for your blog helps to create interesting content and even making a lot of money online.
In this post, Check out the top 10 best niches for blogging to start a profitable blog for a successful blogging profession!

What is a Blog?

A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online publication or informational website where the content is presented in reverse chronological order (latest content appear first). Blog content is also referred to as “blog posts” or entries.
Nowadays, a blog is a frequently maintained website or web article, which may be used either for personal use or for commercial purposes.

How to start a Blog?

So, You want to start your blog? Right! Fantastic idea! Blogging is not as complicated as many people think.
I believe it’s going to be short, fairly simple, and surely easy to understand. Sound fine, right?
Nice, let’s move on.

Follow these 9 steps to start a blog.
1. Decide Your blog Nishe
2. Find Your blog Name
3. Choosing a domain name and register it.
4. Pick a blogging platform: most likely WordPress.
5. Choosing a hosting: we recommend Bluehost as the best one hosting service to start a blog.
6. Install WordPress
7. Install Blog Theme and Their Plugins.
8. Properly Customise theme
9. Write and publish your first blog post.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

Yes, of course, you will.
Nowadays, Blogging has become a lucrative online profession, and people are starting a blog to get into this respected profession.

“Expert” bloggers prefer to offer you conventional suggestions, such as blogging about your passions, being positive, stay consistent, develop good writing habits, and create great useful informational content.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Blogging Niche

So, you wanted to start a blog.
Yet you’re trying to find a niche for your blog. You don’t know about a perfect niche and what to write on it.
It’s really important to pick the perfect niche for your blog. It’s the basis for a successful blog.
You should consider these 6 points When Choosing Your Blogging Niche

1. Choose Something You Know, Love and passionate about it
2. Make sure it’s profitable.
3. Pick a smaller niche & FulFill the gap of the Market
4. Do Blog niche competition analysis to Finding out potential niche competitors
5. Know about your target audience
6. your blog niche should future proof.

Top Blogging Niches That Will Make Money

You’re have seen a lot of successful blogs out there, right?
Want to write a blog because you’ve heard about how wonderful it is?
They are in no special sequence but the first one. Remember, bear in mind that these are the large niches. There are lots of sub-niches inside each, but they all come into the larger niche.
Below listed each niche is perfect to start, let’s go through it.

1. Health and Wellness Niche

As we know ” health is wealth “. In this lifespan, we have been granted only one body, so it is up to us to take proper care of it. Blogs can be an outstanding resource whether you’re searching for nutrition, wellness, or medical advice. Health and wellness blogs are one of the most successful online blogs. It’s possible that the modern generation is so focused on his fitness.
Growth has been seen in google trends. Health and wellness blogs one of the best niche for blogging.

2. Personal Finance & Investment Niche

The blogging industry is growing and the financial sector has no exception. Nowadays, there is a wide range of finance blogs available online. It also appears to be a difficult task to pick the right personal finance blogs of your own choice.
Personal finance blogs also begin by sharing their own personal financial journeys and encourage people to handle their money in a smart way.
The rise can be seen in google trends statics. Personal Finance & Investment Blogging one of the most profitable niche for blogging.

3. Making Money Online Niche

Are you interested in generating passive income? You have to build a website. It’s the way to earn money when you’re sleeping.
For many people, earning money online will make an absolute dream come true. As we know thousands of other people who are making money online their own way through blogs, courses, or creative marketing strategies. It takes less than 20 minutes to start a website with Bluehost, it hardly costs anything.
A rise in search can be seen in google trends statics. Making Money Online Blogs one of the top niches for blogging.

4. Beauty and Fashion Niche

Beauty / Fashion Blog is a fun and exciting niche. While this subject is continually evolving, it can still bring a lot of rewards, such as being related to a vibrant industry in the world.
There’s a lot that you can profit from making these niches of a blog.
Such dedicated beauty bloggers are not only specialists in their own work but also they’re constantly serving up fantastic beauty tips, amazing images, and specific points of view.
It is the fastest growing niche. A rise in google trends statics can be seen. Beauty and Fashion Blogs is one of the most profitable niches for blogging.

5. Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle blogs are separate from any other category/niche of blogs out there. A lifestyle blogger writes, produces, and publishes (multi)media articles on various facets of their everyday lives. A lifestyle blog is better described as a digital content representation of his author’s daily life and interests. A lifestyle blogger produces material that is influenced and crafted by their personal experiences and their everyday lives.
A lifestyle blog could help you share your travels, interests, and feelings while transforming your hobby into a lucrative profession. A lifestyle blog can help you share your adventures, passions, and emotions, travels, interests, and feelings while turning your hobby into a lucrative Profession.
The best part about writing lifestyles? It’s a huge market. If you want to chat about your favorite fur store or offer job advice to your writers, you can make it possible.
Growth in google trends statics can be seen. Lifestyle is one of the top niches for blogging.

6. Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing Niche

Digital marketing is a promotional tool that using the internet and new emerging technology such as personal computers, cell phones and other interactive media and channels to advertise goods and services.

This is a booming sector, and you’ll get a lot of information to learn through blogs and gain more expertise. It is evolving at an exponential rate. Sometimes, the best way to catch up with this is to keep reading blogs.
Nowadays, traditional marketers or business owners are shifting from offline to online by gaining Knowledge or hiring someone.

Google Trends showing the importance of digital marketing in the current scenario. Digital marketing Niche one of the top niche for blogging.

7. Love and Relationship, Personal Improvements Niche

The nature of the relationships that we have with our partners, families, and close friends impacts our personal lives.
Love is the foundation of all types of relationships across the world. The mother’s love for her children reflects the best expression of unconditional love. A devotee’s friendship with the lord falls in second.
Further information about interacting with various types of relationships can be obtained via blogs.
What you may know from relationships blogs varies from the findings of research studies, personal records, and the experience of counselors and psychologists. Relationships are very complex things, so that’s one of the factors that it’s so important to think or write about it.
Google Trends growing search graph also showing the importance and opportunity to blogger. Personal Improvements, Love, and Relationship Niche one of the most profitable niche for blogging.

8. Tech Niche

Nowadays, Tech blogging has already been a crowded spot. Technical blogging is the right way to share your skills or expertise when building up a potentially useful reader base. It will help you to offer your advice to other web users. You may also monetize your posts, or you can use your blog to advertise your services.
Google Trends growing statical graph is already showing the importance of Tech blogging. Tech blogging Niche one of the best niches for blogging.

9. Travel Niche

Travel Blog is an exclusive, free online travel journal for travelers around the globe.
A travel blogger is one who travels around the globe finding knowledge to write about their travel experience, receiving money from various on-line and off-line sources.
People love to gather information before traveling to any location. Your blogs may offer a great resource to them.
Travel blogging is a great way of enjoying life a lot more during travels.
Google Trends graph is already showing the importance of Travel blogging in the world. Travel blogging Niche one of the top niche for blogging.

10. Food Niche

A food blogger is someone who writes about his or her food or cooking observations and shares them on an online blog. This blog may be a website or a microblog like the Instagram account.
These bloggers are who cook extensively, along with super appetizing pictures blogging about their cooking stories.
Food blogging is not only food or recipe centric, but they’re usually normal customers who offer their truthful food opinion or offer great recipes to make a dish.
This Nishe is also one of the best niches for blogging. Google Trends graph is already showing an increasing graph and enough to understand the importance.