You may be introducing a new business, a new brand, or a current brand that you’re looking to take online. Either way, you need a website.
Selecting a domain name is identical to selecting a business name — it involves a lot of thought and consideration. Your unique URL name is your business or brand identity on the web; you want to make sure that you pick a perfect name that not only suits your brand or business but is also simple to recognize and promote worldwide.

It may be one of the most important decisions for your company or brand. But here are some important points that you should also take into consideration when selecting your domain name.

1. Go for a .com… Always! Choose a Dot.Com TLD (if you can)

When you want to choose an extension for your domain name, you should be confident about one thing: “.com” is always best. According to DomainNameStat study, 43% of all domains have a .com extension.

Nine times out of 10, “.com” is best because it’s the most generally known and more trustworthy extension.

Go with the .com extension. If that’s not available, try .net or .org.

For Example, if you are in an Internet or IT business, you might find a “.net” TLD worthy. And if you’re a non-profit group, “.org” might be a nice choice.

2. Make it Easy to Pronounceable and Memorable

As simply when your domain name rolled off the tips of your fingertips, it will roll off the edge of your tongue.
This makes it simpler for users to exchange your domain name through word-of-mouth which makes it easier for you to spread your website through friends and prospective clients.

Get the domain name commercial and catchy. There’s nothing else than a domain name that’s uncomfortable to pronounce or difficult to recall. Your customers may get your website confused with another website and end up purchasing from your competitor.

3. Make it short & Sweet

Seek to limit the domain name to around 15 characters or less in length. The shorter URLs are often great.
Not only is a shorter domain name better sounding, simpler to recall and enter in a browser, but it’s also great for your email addresses and business cards as well.
On average, the top 100,000 websites have 9 characters or fewer in their domain names (Source).

4. Keep it Unique and Brandable

Google utilizes ‘brand Names’ to differentiate high-quality websites from low-quality websites.
Your domain name must be Unique, Clear, Short, Meaningful, Catchy and Inspiring. So that you can stick out in the eyes of your followers. It’s wise to look at other competitive sites in your niche to figure out, what domain names they’re using.
Brand Name provides distinction, and in an overcrowded universe of cyberspace, that’s just what you need – a way to stand out.

5. Avoid trademark infringement

Before you pick a new domain, make sure that you do not breach any copyright policy for a company or brand.
Don’t be fooled to pursue using a well-established brand name on a lesser-known TLD.
You should also look at the trademarking of the brand yourself in order to prevent any copyright policy issues in the future also.

6. Avoid hyphens and Numbers in Your Domain Name

Avoid hyphens when picking a domain name for SEO. Using hyphens in the domain name is a poor standard for several purposes. It seems spammy and that’s why the domain name hyphen reduces your credibility.
Avoid silly abbreviations and numbers in a domain.
Remember that, How is it convenient to read and pronounce your domain name?
Hyphens and numbers make it more complicated.

7. Use Domain Name Generators for Clever Ideas

There are officially more than 360 million listed domain names. It causes other citizens to conclude that the good domains are already been taken.
Manually looking for specific domain names can be very time consuming and frustrating also. At this moment, you should have a general idea of some suitable words to insert into your domain.
That is where the domain name generators come into action. These free tools can automatically scan for your specified keywords. These generators will transform the concepts into new, accessible domains.

There are lots of online sites or tools available to generate the right domain name. We suggest using Lean Domain Search. which is one of the most common online domain name generators.