Blogging is always challenging. And if you want to flourish your blog, you’ll need to put a lot of time and proper effort into that. There is no option to avoid this reality.
when you’re facing challenges to keep up-Google Chrome Extensions ensures that blogging is always enjoyable!
There are thousands of awesome extensions and but everyone is not perfect as per requirement. Moreover, these extensions are some of the best chrome extensions for bloggers and marketers of their respective niches or categories.

Here are the top 25 Chrome extensions for bloggers and marketers

1. Keywords Everywhere – keyword tool

If you are a Youtuber, affiliate marketer, blogger, or digital marketer then this extension would be of great advantage to you.
Through this extension, you can find the cost per click on any specified keyword through tons of websites.
You may also download the statistics as a PDF document or an Excel spreadsheet for quick collaboration or record keeping.
Keywords Everywhere are one of the Best Google Chrome Extensions which support Google search, Google Analytics, Google Trends, Uber, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Majestic, and Moz Open Site Explorer.
When you know your target keywords, it may be a great idea to read about your competitors.

Install Keywords Everywhere

2. Grammarly

It’s always better to find and fix grammatical errors in your content before your viewer reads it.
Grammarly is useful not only for writing posts but also when writing emails or making social networking posts.
It is a proofreader, punctuation checker, and overall chrome extension for writing help. It performs fast and smoothly on most editors, including BlogSpot, WordPress, and Ghost blog post-editors.

Over time and Experience, this extension will help you become a great blog Auther so make sure you’ve installed one to your browser as soon as possible.

Install Grammarly

3. Buffer

It’s a free social networking scheduling tool that helps you to schedule your updates as well as sharing website links, automatically upload on your various social media pages many times a day at different schedule time.

This helps you to schedule your social networking updates and is available on all your favorite platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It makes pretty easy to share posts through your social networks and saves so much time.

Using the Chrome buffer extension, you can instantly share or schedule any web page with a single click.

Install Buffer


4. MOZBar from MOZ

MozBar is a wonderful chrome extension for all SEO things.
If SEO is part of your marketing campaign, MozBar will save you a lot of time by helping you pick out all the low-quality domains that aren’t worth a backlink.
It has a look at on-site information, social media interaction, technical SEO, and backlinks for every page/website you like.
Moz offers a free account, where you will have access to custom queries, link analytics, page overlays, and more.
If you need to run any of the website audits or find out more about the competition, MozBar chrome extension is a resource for you.

Install MOZBar from MOZ

5. Email Hunter

Getting Access and communication with other bloggers is an essential part of a blogging career for the genuine growth of any blog. It will accelerate the growth of your blog immediately if it’s handled right.
Picking the right email address of the website owner is a hectic task and makes the entire thing not only complicated but also exhausting and frustrating.
Hunter is a more precisely Email Hunter That can harvest email addresses from every website you like.
Hunter is free to use and functions incredibly fast. If you do marketing, this one extension will make you appear professional.

Install Email Hunter

6. SEOQuake

This Chrome extension is a great resource for bloggers or marketers who care a little bit about SEO of the website.
SEOquake is a Chrome extension for SEO purposes mainly, with using this you may know SEO metrics, backlinks, traffic of any site, and much more only in a single click.
It is free to access and also provides social data as well as more than 50 distinct choices for accessing SEO-related data on every website. You may also evaluate different URLs and use this extension as a free competition analysis tool.

Install SEOQuake

7. MailTrack

WhatsApp has a great feature – it lets you know whether or not the receiver has seen your post by displaying the ticks.
MailTrack is one of the most widely used tools for tracking emails.
It is an email monitoring tool for Gmail and Inbox that lets you know whether the emails you sent have been read or not.
It includes double check marks (✓✓) in your Gmail so that you are sure that your email has been received and that your receiver has opened it.

Email monitoring is for anyone and is especially helpful for professionals.

Install MailTrack

8. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is the perfect Google Chrome extension for screenshots.
It enables you to capture the full or part of a web page and add visual information. After the screenshot has been taken, you can modify the image, highlight, crop, draw shapes, blur unwanted or sensitive information, and add annotations.

It’s simple to use and completely free, no paid version available. Here you have access to the complete features with lots of options.

Install Awesome Screenshot

9. StayFocusd

Wanting to know my way to making everything finished on time and being able to concentrate on what I’m doing, this tool helps me to do these things easily.
In today’s scenario, it’s too easy to lose attention and spend many hours on Facebook, in your inbox, Youtube, Twitter, or Instagram.
StayFocusd Chrome extension will help you to avoid this.

It’s a handy tool will save lots of time by restricting spend time limits on these time-wasting websites.

When you notice yourself time-wasting and unable to concentrate on your job, I strongly suggest that you start utilizing this tool.

Install StayFocusd

10. Alexa Toolbar

Most of the digital marketing companies are treating Alexa Rank really seriously.
Alexa is a “Web Information Company” that receives data from people who browse the site using cookies. It gathers data on websites such as reach, reputation, location, language, and other demographics that are then graphically presented in an easy-to-observe format.
Alexa ranks websites based on all U.S. and worldwide traffic, and you may also check for different vertical categories to narrow down the rankings of individual websites.
Ultimately, the Alexa Toolbar is perfect assistance if you’re operating on the Internet matrix every day, so it’s not intrusive at all. Find it out for yourself.

Install Alexa Toolbar

11. Link Miner

Getting tons of backlinks is really necessary to gain more exposure in the google search engine.
Broken Link Building is one of the most powerful ways to create backlinks for your website. Yet it’s time-consuming, too, and without the assistance of the right resources, it can be a challenging job.
LinkMiner is a convenient-to-use backlink checker tool that lets you identify backlinks to your competitors so that you can export that links to the CSV file from a website or page and attempt to recreate them for your own website or clients website.

If you’re going to use the broken link building technique. You should utilize this tool.

Install Link Miner

12. Evernote Web Clipper

When you’re using Evernote Web Clipper, you will love this chrome extension.

EverNote is a wonderful tool for researching and arranging your blogging ideas.
It helps you to ‘clip’ entire articles, relevant posts, Gmail threads, infographics, screenshots, pictures, or everything you spot on the website to your Evernote notebooks.

You should use this extension when researching the contents.

Install Evernote Web Clipper

13. Google Translate

Google Translate is the world’s most famous free online translation tool.
Everyone knows about Google Translate.

But everyone doesn’t know that there’s a chrome extension is also available which will directly translate post from the web.

If you don’t know post or website language, but you may read posts in your language by using this tool. All major languages are covered here.

Install Google Translate

14. Social Blade

Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to bring the product exposed to potential customers.
Social Blade is one of the best tools for monitoring social network statistics and analytics.
It supports Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Mixer.
It is very effective in estimating views as it incorporates and interprets data obtained from YouTube.

Install Social Blade

15. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is an analysis and strategy resource for YouTube video creators.
It links directly to your YouTube account to provide you with real-time recommendations on videos, keywords, rankings, and almost everything you need to be a successful YouTubers.
Tubebudy offer both paid and free version. You need to purchase a Tubebuddy extension to access all the features. One other aspect is that too many channels are utilizing Tubebuddy to become a successful channel as soon as fast.

Install TubeBuddy

16. Facebook Pixel Helper

If you are using Facebook ads — or planning to use them in the future — there is one main tool that you can start using right away.
Facebook Pixel Helper is the foundation of any effective Facebook advertisement campaign. And It is a troubleshooting extension that allows you to validate your Facebook Pixel.
The Facebook pixel is the script that you insert into your website. This gathers data that lets you monitor conversions from Facebook advertisements, optimizes advertisements, identifies targeted viewers for potential advertising, and re-markets to users who have already taken any action on your website.
The Facebook Pixel Helper is a key tool in your ads toolbox. Make sure you use it to your benefit!

Install Facebook Pixel Helper

17. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is an online competitive analysis resource that offers traffic and marketing information to every website.
It helps you to see competitors’ top traffic sources, broken down into six major categories, social traffic, including referring sites and top search keywords.
The chrome extension of SimilarWeb is free and enables users to access up to 10 similar sites to the one they are actually using which offers website traffic, sources, and an ability to display the entire report.
SimilarWeb also offers paid personalized customized reports focused on consumer expectations and interests.

Install SimilarWeb

18. Google Analytics by Google

Google Analytics extension is a perfect way to characterize, how is your client’s engagement with your website.

It offers useful insights that can help you to design a promotional strategy for a successful business.
This tool offers you with important statistics, such as where your visitors click and the volume of daily visits to the website in real-time.

In general, Google Analytics tracks traffic or how it is achieved.

Install Google Analytics

19. GMass

GMass is an email marketing chrome extension that operates with any Gmail account.
GMass is built to deliver personalized e-mails to people with a specific message about a product, activity, or personal message. Although it is planned to deliver a huge number of email messages at the same time.
The great thing regarding GMass is you can send follow-ups emails automatically. and follow-ups emails continue doing that until you receive a reply.

Install GMass

20. Affilitizer

Affiliate programs generate revenue for thousands of individuals in the world, so if you choose the right company and brand, it can be lucrative.

Affilitizer’s creators aim to make the task of identifying an affiliate program with an affiliate network as simple as browsing through Google search results.

Affilitizer extension will do all this for you and It’s 100% free.

Install Affilitizer

21. BuzzSumo Extension

Buzzsumo is one of the most essential tools for bloggers and content marketers.
BuzzSumo has amazing features such as Content Insights, Find & Understand an Influencers, Competitor Analysis with Comparisons, Check backlinks to a specific website or webpage, Content Alerts, explore All Social Networks,
Enhanced Filtering & Data Export etc.
Because of these great capabilities, BuzzSumo is especially attractive for social media networkers and content marketers because you can find the most viewed or viral content online.

Install BuzzSumo Extension


I hope that these extensions listed above will help you do a number of stuff without leaving your favorite browser. Many of them are online and free, so seek to experience it today.


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