Ask a Question to a marketer or company owner what they’d really want in the world, and they’ll immediately tell you “more clients.” What often happens when customers are on the wish list of a business? More visitors to its website.
There are several ways to boost traffic on your website, However, We’re thinking about popular tactics like SEO, social network marketing, email marketing, and so on.
In this article, we’ll discuss freeways to push traffic to your website which impacts your profitability.

1. Optimize Your Content / Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

When Marketers or business owners talked about “optimizing content,” they are generally thinking about the technological challenges, involving in “SEO best practices” and “appropriate keywords.”
Optimizing your Article content for search engines is also a very important and worthwhile activity.
Optimizing on-page SEO doesn’t consume more time whereas You will be able to deliver more passive organic traffic to your website.

2. Publish More List Posts

List articles are the most shared articles on social networking sites and the most influential form of a blog post.
A lot of people prefer list posts and respond better to them.
List articles to streamline details to a numerical list that is convenient for the followers to read, share, and respond on. They talk to our desire to find the best information in the shortest possible time.

3. Share Videos On LinkedIn

Video is very powerful. Well, LinkedIn understands that.
Video content is becoming more and more popular and doesn’t have to go viral to get expected results.
Professional social network platform, LinkedIn where videos are getting attention nowadays. Being a B2B platform for professionals to connect to each other and uploading videos, will improve your professional and personal brand value.
There is obviously a demand for video content, which implies that you must use it to drive more traffic on your website.

4. Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

There’s one thing that I find more exciting than growing web traffic: Stealing traffic for the competitors.
Searching for ways to take a lead over your competitors and capture their traffic in an ethical manner?
With time the digital space is becoming extremely competitive. You have to understand, what others are doing across your industry to meet challenges.
Using your competitor’s tactics, you will be able to increase traffic on your website, create awesome content, and develop a brand.
There are plenty of tools you can use to know what your competitors doing to grow their website ranking and traffic nowadays.
These 3 tools will help you to Steal Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources.
a. SEMrush
b. Ahrefs
c. Alexa

5. Drive Traffic To Your Website From Forums

Forum marketing may be the world’s most underused tool for generating traffic. Industry forums are a gathering spot for potential prospects and customers.
Forums have existed on the internet from the very early days. Since then, Marketers and business owners have been using them to push quality traffic to their websites.
Some of the popular forums is
a. Microsoft Answers
b. Reddit
c. Twitch
e. Github
f. Stack Overflow
g. Yahoo Answers
h. Warrior Forum

6. Add “Share Triggers” To Your Content

Search engines suggest high ranking to the latest, viral, and most relevant content.
Find users to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other channels to connect your brand to the global social media, allowing your message to ultimately reaching search engine ranking targets.
Share triggers are the features, you should integrate into your posts, to share your post with others to create high-quality social media engagement and backlinks.
It will help you to reach out to a wide range of viewers and boost website traffic.
We highly suggest you, be active on social media and promoting your content, and adding Share Triggers to your posts will help you get more traffic to your website.

7. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

The high bounce rate is one of the most widely known conversion killers. If any of your visitors quit your blog on the first page, Then you will lose opportunities to convert them as subscribers or future clients.
One thing you should do is reduce a high bounce rate.
Reducing the bounce rate of the website may also increase the conversion rate or website traffic. Having more landing pages is one way to increase the conversion efficiency.

8. Publish Long-Form Content

There are many different definitions of truly long-form content. Different marketing professionals define long-form content in various ways.
Blog posts that are about 1,200 to 2,000 words are usually called “long-form,” but with 3,000 to 10,000 words being the modern norm, those figures are gradually growing. Long-Form Content is known for Better google Rankings also.
One of the major benefits of producing bigger marketing materials is the relation between long-form content and SEO. Long-form content is an option to go deeper with the marketing materials that you are using to meet your target audience.

9. Optimize for Google’s Mobile-First Index

In response to the rising number of searches on smartphones, Google had updated its way of indexing websites to enhance smartphone usability.
Mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking purposes at a place of the desktop version as a priority. And this ensures that Google will look first at your mobile version of the website to evaluate your ranking.
There’s just one index for one link. There is no different index for desktops and mobiles. To optimize your website to the mobile version by using AMP WordPress plugin for better ranking and more traffic.

10. Create an Active YouTube Channel

Are you thinking to drive massive traffic to your website from YouTube?
YouTube is often ignored for marketing purposes. Across the world just 9% of small companies utilize it, and it is one of the most strong social networking platforms in existence. Daily, It has millions of views from all over the world.
Finding so many users at one location, it a goldmine for digital marketers. It can be a fantastic source of free website traffic for bloggers.

11. Publish Viral Content / Creating influential content

Viral content is an online content that gains a high degree of visibility through sharing and exposure on social networking sites, news portals, aggregators, email newsletters, and search engines.
Every day, millions of blog articles are posted on a wide range of subjects, and the possibility that the article you ‘re about to post would have been done a thousand times before also. This is therefore essential to deliver content that stands out and captures the audience’s attention.
We always hear about blog posts and amazing content that went viral and wonder how it was done by the writers. If you enable the viral influences and lead with persuasion, you’ll get lots of traffic to your website.

12. Start Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a digital marketing and SEO strategy where bloggers write and post a blog post on someone else’s website or blog to advertise their personal/corporate brand. Guest blogging platforms introduce brands to relevant audiences and can be an efficient way to increase awareness — but it has to be handled wisely to prevent Google’s punishments.
Guest posting builds relationships with new readers, great for search engines, and introduces you to new people from other well-established websites or communities. This will help you to grow your website traffic exponentially.
The greatest benefit for guest writers is the free backlinks, traffic, and subscribers they get.

13. Get Social

You obviously know that social networking is a common place for companies to connect with their target audiences. You may even post on Facebook or reply to a couple of tweets.
Most businesses publish content as a means to develop their audiences and growing the traffic on their websites. However, they might not get traffic instantly.
First of all, social networking will help you to get tons of traffic, create brand awareness, cultivate a community around your brand or business, and expand your bottom line.
If you’re just entering the world of social media, You may utilize popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, etc.

14. Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site

Although there are plenty of benefits of a guest posting on other sites like as reach a wider audience, Personal Branding, etc.
But are you know? there is plenty of benefits also in accepting others guest post on own website.
By Inviting guest bloggers a website owner will get the greatest benefit like:

a. Guest Bloggers will Help You Keep updating your website with new posts
b. Guest bloggers will promote their content for you in their network absolutely free and You will attract more visitors.
c. You will lighten your own post contribution load.

Whenever you decided to open your website for other contributor’s Post, it’s a smart practice to set up a framework to prevent low-quality submissions.

15. Link Internally

In an internal connection, one page is linked to another page on the same website. The source domain and target domain are the same in an internal linking.
Google uses connections to figure out which information is relevant to the website and the importance of that material.
Through including the correct internal connections, you make sure that Google understands:
a. Relevancy of posts;
b. The Relationships between posts;
c. And the importance of your posts.

Strategic internal linkage is a technique of SEO, particularly for content marketing. Must Use this strategy for Tons of traffic.


16. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Too many businesses focus on gaining potential consumers by digital marketing that they neglect more conventional approaches. Email marketing is a reliable and affordable way to meet your clients and prospects.
In reality, if you want to optimize your business income, one truth you need to realize that email marketing offers a return on investment ( ROI) that dominates every alternative a lot.
Email marketing can be a powerful tool, and even a highly effective email blast can lead to a major increase in traffic. A pleasant email alert about a new product or service will help to improve your traffic, too.

17. Make Sure Your Site is Responsive

Responsive web design is a web designing and development technique that makes webpages resizable as per a user’s screen. Responsive design can enhance the user’s surfing experience by producing a dynamic and responsive web page customized for the device that accesses it.
The key benefit of responsive web design is that pages load easily without any errors, and people do not need to manually re-size anything to display content.
Businesses should consider the opportunities for responsive site design in order to attract a wide range of prospective clients. Similarly, the concept must be accepted and utilized by all web developers in web designing without hesitation.

18. Target topics with search traffic potential

It is our second best marketing tool afterward of mouth references, bringing us tons of new users every month.
No Doubt, Search engine optimization ( SEO) is one of the best ways to produce reliable, long-term traffic for the website. You’ll be capable of generating passive organic traffic from search as long as you rank highly in Google.
To do this, You have to post about the stuff that people are searching. In other words: subjects that have the potential for high search traffic volume or simply Trending Topics.

19. Make Sure Your Site is Fast

How long have you been waiting for a webpage to load one second, two seconds, or more?
Okay, according to research, half of us don’t even wait two seconds for the content of the website to Load.
The speed of website, or performance, determines how fast a user is able to access properly working websites through a browser. Poorly performing websites that load slowly in a browser will scare users away.
Slow site speed will result in poor search engine rankings, significantly lower site traffic, and unpleasant user experience.
The benefits of High-speed websites is improved user experience, higher page rankings, enhanced engagement, enhanced conversion, and more website traffic.

20. Update “Expired” Content On Your Website

How long have you been waiting for a webpage to load one second, two seconds, or more?
Okay, according to research, half of us don’t even wait two seconds for the content of the website to Load.
The speed of website, or performance, determines how fast a user is able to access properly working websites through a browser. Poorly performing websites that load slowly in a browser will scare users away.
Slow site speed will result in poor search engine rankings, significantly lower site traffic, and unpleasant user experience.
The benefits of High-speed websites is improved user experience, higher page rankings, enhanced engagement, enhanced conversion, and more website traffic.

21. Post Useful Content On Reddit

Reddit calls itself the “The Front Page of the Internet”; and This seems like a perfect name, because Reddit has a massive and active user base, making it ideal for content promotion.
On Alexa, Reddit ranks 19th globally and 7th in the USA. Reddit is a unique Social Media platform that provides multilingual social news.
The Reddit community has the ability to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website and be a wonderful source of leads for your brand or business.
Reddit is a fantastic tool and you should use it for more website traffic.

22. Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform as well as a place for experts to share their opinions in response to answers of questions.
Digital Marketers already use Quora as a big source of traffic referral for their websites or products.
Uses of Quora has three major Benefits.
a. It builds your own unique identity.
b. It forwards massive traffic to your website.
c. Everybody can do this without any long class Training.
However, In addition to this, use your ideas to build a brand identity for your company through Quora. It may take months but the outcomes are going to be amazing.

23. Post On Medium

Are you searching for a mass audience or a network where your voice could be really heard or you may get tons of traffic for your website?
All of Us want that our post should reach to the new user also. No matter how many fans you have on social media, and no matter how many viewers access your website every month, occasionally your great content also unable to get respectable viewers as it should.
Medium will help you get things turned around. Medium is an online publishing site with more than 60 million active users per month. Medium has become a hot spot for creative people and life-learners to absorb endless inspiration.
It’s an accessible platform for readers and authors or bloggers alike, and remarkable in that good posts will easily gain attention.

24. Post On Instagram

Would you like to promote your brand and products to more consumers, produce a strong following of clients who are really connected to your brand, products, and company, and you get compensated for it? If this is the case, then Instagram is your magic charm.
For your brand or company, One of the best marketing strategies will be driving traffic from Instagram.
Instagram is loaded with dozens of helpful toolkit to build your brand, and with the use of the right tactics, it can be your right-pass ticket for more interactions and sales.
Instagram is the easiest way to gain massive page views on your website.

25. Implement Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technological, analytical, and innovative method aimed to increase the visibility of websites in search engines. SEO ‘s primary role is to bring more unpaid means free, valuable traffic to a website that turns to revenue.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) is also about creating minor improvements to the website.
When seen separately, these modifications may appear like gradual enhancements, but when paired with other optimizations, they can have a significant effect on the user’s experience and will get tons of traffic through organic search results.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this article has shown you how to boost web traffic using some cool, unexploited techniques.

Now I would like to know which one you will try first. Please share your experience in the comment section.

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